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JW-DTH320 (heavy duty)

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Yue's enhanced design is suitable for larger doors and makes the closing force stronger.
※The exterior structure is unique, making the installation and adjustment (front, rear, left, right, high, low) easier and faster, otherwise the closing force will be increased.
※The vertical line of the door can be adjusted on the body, the length can be adjusted 8mm, the width 8mm, and the height 8mm can be adjusted longitudinally by 4 degrees when calibrating the zero position.
※(Only for 8600V floor spring) This model can open 0-360 degrees, especially suitable for two-way opening of large-angle doors or one-way opening to 180 degrees
The door is used.
※(Only for 8600V type floor spring) Set a 90-degree automatic positioning device, when one-way open to 110 degrees (110° -255° ), arbitrary positioning is set up
The device can greatly improve the utilization rate of the space obstructed by the door.
ψDouble-stage closing control valve, respectively adjust the closing speed of the group door angle of 90”-25* and 25 -0°. Non-positioning device can be made according to requirements.
※The constant temperature device can also maintain a stable door closing speed under a large temperature difference.
※Built-in pressure reducing device prevents damage to the door or floor spring caused by closing the door under strong external pressure or strong wind.
※Experimental tests have been opened over 600,000 times.


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